A romantic 48-hour getaway in St Ives, Cornwall

This past weekend I had the pleasure of going on a quick getaway to Cornwall, England. We rented a car and drove four and a half hours west of London.

Here are some tips for a quaint English trip.

For accommodation, we booked a room at the Boskerris boutique hotel in Carbis Bay. It was perfect: Large living room area, an outdoor terrace facing the ocean, a cute bar and excellent service from its personnel. It was also voted as one of the top romantic hotels in St Ives.

20140622-121044-43844265.jpg     image-4 copy


image-5 copy

Food recommendations

– The Shack: A stand where you can get burgers next to the beach in Carbis Bay. An informal place with good atmosphere.

image-6 copy

– Porthminster Cafe: An award winning restaurant ideal for lunch or dinner in St Ives. Try their fish and chips as well as their oven baked hake. Their outdoor deck overseeing the ocean makes its views incomparable and unmissable.

porthminster   image-7 copy

– Caffe Pasta: A nice restaurant next to the harbor, offering a variety of pizza and pasta – from the traditional ones to those with seafood. Try the crab linguini for a warm summer day’s lunch.

To get around, we used the train for one stop as well as the car to get around St Ives. There are also 1-mile treks you can follow for great views of the beach and access to different bays. Lelant, Carbis Bay and St Ives are highly recommended.

Other activities include going on a boat trip to Seal Island, where you have the opportunity to see some seals and if you’re lucky, dolphins!


Strolling around the cobbled streets of St Ives and its harbor is also a must.

image-3 copy

St Ives is a great destination for a quiet and quaint retreat. Enjoy!


Ivy is Resting in Heaven

Ivy, my beautiful black lab, passed away today. Her throat tumor got the best of her but I hope, wherever she is, she’s relieved from pain.

Amidst my painful tears and feelings of loneliness, I can’t help but relive all those special moments we shared together.

I remember when I got her. Little Ives and her puppy siblings were running around the yard where they were born. I loved them all and it was impossible to choose one. I sat down, legs crossed and little did I know, Ivy would end up choosing me. A tiny puppy came to me and rested her head on my crossed legs and fell asleep. I knew then, we had chosen each other.

I remember when I took her home, took care of her as she struggled with the feeling of separation from her family, until we were lucky enough to eventually be called her family.

I remember her sleeping in my bed. She used to take most of the space for herself, sleep belly up and tongue out. What wouldn’t I give to fight for my space in bed with her one last time.

I remember my first heartbreak. And all the subsequent ones where I would close myself off to the world in my bathroom and cry my heart out. I would eventually hear her sniffing outside asking me to please open up the door to let her in. She was the only one I’d let in. I hugged her and she licked my tears away. I always wondered how dogs, or her, seem to have a sixth sense.

I remember her mischievousness. Like any good lab, she ate everything and anything. Sometimes it was the leftovers, other times the food I managed to sneak out for her. One time it was a plastic bag. I remember her pooping that out! How she made me laugh. She had no limits, apparently.

I remember her first and only litter of puppies. We had built a special bed for her to deliver her pups. The night before they were born she hesitated but made sure to let me know they were coming. In the middle of the night she gave birth to 11 gorgeous puppies. I remember one being born without breathing. I had prepared myself for the birth and was lucky to save her. I still remember Ivy’s concerned yet relieved expression as if it was yesterday.

Over the years, I regret to admit we began to drift apart. My walks of life took me abroad for the better part of the last 9 years. However, I still remember her reaction and welcome every time I came home. It’s as if I had just left for a few hours to run errands. I could tell she missed me terribly.

I remember everything about her. Her loyalty, her wagging tail, her soft tummy, her kind eyes and her sense of humor. What I regret is I will not be able to remember her last minutes on earth. Being away from home, Ivy died alone without me next to her, holding her paw and caressing her soft cheek as I’m sure it would have been, had I been there.

Despite my suffering, despite my disbelief of the situation, I know heaven has gained another angel today.

RIP Ivy Suriano
25 October 2002 – 31 May 2014

“Those we love don’t go away
They walk beside us every day
Unseen, unheard but always near
Still loved, still missed and very dear”

Anthropologie Breakfast

La Moda Viaggia collaborated with Anthropologie to host a group of ladies with a morning full of pampering fun!

The event took off at 9am with a delicious breakfast with champagne and mimosas to start the day off with a bang. Bagels, (chocolate) croissants, fruits, coffee and a variety of juices were the perfect combination for the ladies to mingle and connect.


We were then delighted with a collection of personal stylist picks, which featured the latest in Spring 2014 fashion. Tribal prints, multi-colored rompers and matching cropped shirt and pencil skirt were some of the featured pieces – which we all absolutely loved!



The morning continued with a surprise raffle, where 3 lucky guests won prizes. The rest of us were not left empty handed as Anthropologie was very kind to give us all amazing goodie bags!



We were then on a shopping spree (with the Soho store closed only for us!) where the amazing personal stylist Griselda Fernandez gave us fashion tips and advice on what clothes fit us best.



The morning was full of fun, laughter and pampering!

A BIG thank you and shout out to the Anthropologie Soho store – in particular Gris, James, Olivia, Heather, Crist, Lara, Megan and Alanna!


Here are a few more photos of the event:






Surviving Long Distance Relationships – Gifts for Him

Whilst I’m not a lover of long distance, when you find the right person, there’s no doubt I would do it. And that’s what I’ve happily gotten myself into in the past months since I moved to New York.

My boyfriend has an exam in June, therefore we have said we will not meet up until then. Literally one day after he’s done, we’ll be together. Until then, how do you beat long distance?

I want to ignore the obvious (Skype, phone calls, Whatsapp and so on) and suggest a way to keep it interesting!

One of the things I’ve been doing is sending him a gift each week we’re apart. This can be something simple, from a card, to something more elaborate. Below are a couple of ideas and things I’ve sent him so far:

Customized Wood Wall Art

Shutterfly or MyPublisher offer different projects you can personalize. I opted for a customized wood wall art, below, which captured some of the special moments we had when we were together.


Pillows with Quotes

Etsy offers great shops for custom made goodies. I found these two pillows which I absolutely loved and had to send to him. His reaction? Loved them!



Mr Bump Mug

Once, he was sick and I sent him a Mr Bump mug from the Mr Men & Little Miss collection. Not only were these characters part of my childhood, but also his!mr bump

Beer Crate

And because this post (and my gifts) was (were) getting too cheesy, I sent him a “Best of British Beer” crate that Funky Hampers sells. The best of this gift? When he opened the package after a 12-hour work day, the first thing he saw was “You deserve a BEER” – and my (hopefully funny) note which read “Here’s something to celebrate (or relieve the pain) of studying for the CFA!”. Ladies, this is the perfect gift for your significant other!





One of the things that keeps long distance relationships going is having dates when you will see each other next. For us one of them is a trip to St Lucia in the summer. I bought a Saint-Tropez brand Vilebrequin swimsuit for him to look forward to St Lucia (as if London’s gloomy weather wasn’t enough motivation already!)


So as you can see, we haven’t been apart much yet and still have a few gifts to go. Any good ideas out there?

My boyfriend is the sweetest, he has also surprised me multiple times so gents, keep an eye out for a post on gift ideas to pamper her!