7 Tips On How To Make Every Moment Count



Routine, although comfortable, sometimes makes us content and makes us take certain things for granted. However, when it comes to family, fashion, career, hobbies and fitness, there is no single formula to getting it all done. We each have our unique touch that makes certain key moments special.

To celebrate these key moments, T.J. Maxx partnered with editors and bloggers to show just how varied these can be. I was lucky to be part of this project, choosing getting ready in my closet as my key moment. I met with life coach and author Christine Hassler who discussed with me how to take an authentic approach to every aspect of my life. We discovered that fashion, my passion and hobby, kept popping up in my daily routine, making my day-to-day special. Another component of the project was a photoshoot to capture my unique moment. Danielle Guenther managed to capture that exact moment where I get lost with the pieces in my closet, whether it be looking for clothes to wear, to sell on my Instagram account @alescloset or just an inspiration for my next blog post.

What I learned was that whether it be your daily exercise routine, your commute to work or cooking a meal, we should make every effort to make each moment count. Here’s how.

1. Be mindful of the present

Remember life is happening right now. Many times we put things “off until tomorrow” but we never know what tomorrow holds. Keep in mind that right now, whether you like your circumstances or not, your life is happening. Learn from your mistakes, savor your accomplishments – big and small -, and grow from your experiences, regardless of whether they made you laugh or cry.

Christine Hassler proved to me just how hard it is to absorb the present moment. Want to give it a try? Have a look around the room you’re in for everything that’s white. Ready? Now close your eyes. Go on! …… Now tell me what’s red in the room. Pretty hard when you’re focused on something else, right?

2. Relax

Many people think that by keeping themselves busy all the time, they are maximizing their life. Slow down. Sometimes the simple moments in life are what matter most. A stroll through the park, sharing a home-cooked meal with a loved one, etc.

58 percent of women between the ages of 20 and 65 reported they make time for the things that matter most on a daily basis, which includes spending time with loved ones and family (56%), quiet time alone (20%), and fitness (11%). This pays off when they do, with 93 percent reporting a positive result, including feeling happy, balanced and relaxed.

3. Keep a bucket list and tick it off

By keeping a bucket list, you are holding yourself accountable to your dreams and the life you have always wanted. Make sure to review it constantly and tick off each item as you accomplish each. Enjoy the sheer satisfaction of crossing out YOUR life’s to-do’s.

4. Be grateful for your experiences rather than let-down by your expectations

Sometimes our expectations can get the better of us. Something that excites us or scares us can get our minds to over-think situations and fill our heads with an abundance of “what if’s”. Avoid this by practicing gratitude for what you experienced in the past and what you are going through.

5. Focus on making time, not money

Often times, we are focused on progressing in our careers and earning more and more money. It is unfortunate how sometimes a drastic event like a close friend’s terminal illness makes us stop and realize time is actually more important. Time with loved ones, time doing what you’re truly passionate about, time giving your happiness a chance.

6. Explore hobbies

Sometimes, making that moment count is through activities that you establish as hobbies. If you’re passionate about it, you will find that elements of this new hobby trickling into your day-to-day routine, making each day special!

7. Don’t lose that personal touch

In today’s modern world, with ever-growing personal interactions being replaced by technology, it is easy to get carried away with spending your time on the Internet and social media. Surround yourself with people you love, value those people around you and make every effort to meet up with them regularly. And when you do, don’t let your phone get in the way. A trick to step back from today’s technology-filled days is to have Sundays be your social media-free day. Try it and you’ll see what a difference it makes!

No size fits all when it comes to making each moment count. All of us have something that makes our heart beat faster. My recommendation is to follow those special moments to avoid fitting in a pre-established mold.


The Kendra Thornton Fashion Challenge

The lovely Kendra Thornton got in touch with me to help her organize a few looks for her getaway trip to Miami. Scroll down to see some stylish inspirations for her upcoming trip!

“With some time on our hands, my husband and I started planning a getaway just for us to Miami! We love this city because of its history, beaches and natural parks. There are so many things to love about this area of Florida, but I’m also excited because I’ll be able to just let loose for a while. I’m looking forward to this trip, but I do have one problem. I’m in need of some fashion salvation. Your ensembles have always inspired me to dress up and pick just the right accessories to go with whatever I’m wearing.

We are staying at a Miami hotel called the Biltmore Estate. The scene here is quite luxurious and tropical but with an American twist. It’s one of the oldest hotels in Florida and was built in the 1920s. The history here is quite incredible, but so are the amenities. We found the Biltmore on gogobot, which provides photos of the championship golf course, yoga studio, beautiful gardens and lavish swimming pools. I can’t wait to just relax and spend some time exploring the grounds of this beautiful hotel. A casual and posh look would be wonderful to relax at the cafe or put around with my husband on the green. We are also exploring some culinary arts while at the Biltmore. One of our romantic dates is a cooking class at the new Culinary Academy at the Biltmore. I would love for a comfortable yet sexier look that really makes my husband feel as lucky as he is. I know that you have some incredible ideas for heels and dresses that would work just for this look. Miami is a place full of life, and we will definitely be getting lively. We plan on checking out some of the nightlife on South Beach and possibly taking a boat out to the bay. If you have any more suggestions for evening looks and swimwear, I would greatly appreciate it! I can‚Äôt wait to see what you come up with for my fabulous Miami getaway!”

– Kendra Thornton

Casual Look

Beach Wear


This outfit is perfect for a stroll along the streets of South Beach or to relax whilst exploring the grounds of the beautiful Biltimore Estate.


A show-stopping bikini, this outfit radiates chicness with a bold splash of color.

Date NightDate Night

This gorgeous and classy outfit would be perfect for Kendra’s cooking class date. The dress’ colorful patterns are a great match to the Miami scene

Use Fashion To Express Your Best Self – Advice from Jamie Chung

Ever wonder what your clothes and what you wear say about you? I had the opportunity to interview Jamie Chung, mostly known for her acting in the Hangover II and Sucker Punch, amongst other films. Jamie is also a fashion enthusiast like myself, and together we want to give you tips on how to use fashion to express your best self!

1. Be creative: Did you know most of us use 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time? Be inventive in how you use your wardrobe. Roam around for that patterned item you bought a few months (years?) ago and dare to wear it out! Also, fashion is fun so have fun with it: “Don‚Äôt be afraid to try new trends and styles ‚Äď you never know until you try it!”, Jamie recommends.

2. Be yourself: Fashion is about personal expression, thus it is important to be yourself. Add your personal touch whether that be wearing your favorite garment and dressing it up or down depending on the occasion.

3. Make it comfortable: Whatever you wear, you need to be comfortable with it. Your assertiveness and personality will shine through when you truly own your outfit!

4. Go for quality: As Jamie suggests, it is worth investing in quality and versatile pieces such as that perfect Italian leather handbag or those form-fitting designer jeans. These are basic staples in your wardrobe that can be used in the many facets of your life. “Places like T.J.Maxx carry quality pieces at incredible prices so you don‚Äôt have to break the bank to look like a million bucks” says Jamie.

5. Make it transformational: Feeling dreary? Bad weather outside? Use bold colors and pieces to transform your day from dreary to fabulous! A white plain t-shirt and jeans can be transformed into a great outfit by adding heels and a bold, colorful blazer! You can also tie up a maxi jersey dress at the bottom on one of the sides to add some edge to one of this spring’s must-have items!

6. Use accessories and shoes: Statement necklaces and bold, bright colored shoes can change a simple outfit to make it your own, letting your best self shine through. Jamie agrees, “Polished and classy with a little bit of spice!”. Not a fan of large jewelry and colorful shoes? You can keep it classy by adding a subtle necklace and classic and clean-styled shoes.

7. Follow your favorite brands for inspiration: Finding and following a handful of favorite brands allows you to stay on top of fashion trends that allow you to express your own personal style. This is especially true if you don’t necessarily follow fashion. Your choice of favorite brands will change as your style evolves. For Jamie, she had a period where she was even inspired by the tomboy look (ok, who hasn’t been through that stage?!) and now she’s in love with Isabel Marant, Cameo the Label, Rebecca Minkoff, Chanel, Stuart Weitzman, For Love and Lemons, Lovers and Friends, etc. “Isabel Marant and Chanel because they make my staple investment pieces. I love the other labels because they make the best of top trends. But they always add a unique personal touch. They all have a laid back California vibe, and that‚Äôs my thing.”

Whether you are a newbie to fashion and follow brands for inspiration or are a serious fashionista and prefer edgier ensembles, how you dress reflects a lot about you and your personality. So remember to apply these tips and use fashion to reveal your best self.

Anthropologie Breakfast

La Moda Viaggia collaborated with Anthropologie to host a group of ladies with a morning full of pampering fun!

The event took off at 9am with a delicious breakfast with champagne and mimosas to start the day off with a bang. Bagels, (chocolate) croissants, fruits, coffee and a variety of juices were the perfect combination for the ladies to mingle and connect.


We were then delighted with a collection of personal stylist picks, which featured the latest in Spring 2014 fashion. Tribal prints, multi-colored rompers and matching cropped shirt and pencil skirt were some of the featured pieces Рwhich we all absolutely loved!



The morning continued with a surprise raffle, where 3 lucky guests won prizes. The rest of us were not left empty handed as Anthropologie was very kind to give us all amazing goodie bags!



We were then on a shopping spree (with the Soho store closed only for us!) where the amazing personal stylist Griselda Fernandez gave us fashion tips and advice on what clothes fit us best.



The morning was full of fun, laughter and pampering!

A BIG thank you and shout out to the Anthropologie Soho store – in particular Gris, James, Olivia, Heather, Crist, Lara, Megan and Alanna!


Here are a few more photos of the event:






INVITE: Anthropologie and La Moda Viaggia Breakfast

Are any ladies in New York this weekend?

Anthropologie and my blog are offering a complimentary breakfast where we will be pampered in their exclusive Soho store, which will be closed only for us! The event includes complimentary breakfast with mimosas, personal stylists advising us on upcoming fashion trends, meeting new people (we’re already about 30 gals!) and goodie bags!

The event takes place this Saturday 26 April at 9:00am.

If you want an invite please email me at stylingbyale@gmail.com with your full name.

Keep an eye out for pictures and a post about the event in the coming week!

5 Ways To Style A T-shirt

My friend Kirsty asked me to write a post on different ways to style a t-shirt, so here you go! T-shirts are so versatile Рyou can dress them up or down. For this post, I have chosen the J Crew kiss kiss tee and will show you 5 ways in which you can style yours.

1. Casual meets Chic

silver pumps

Pair the tee with lightly distressed jeans for an informal look. Add chicness to your outfit by wearing silver pumps and finally, add a touch of neutral with a camel colored bag.

2. Make a Statement

make a statement

Make a statement with a crystal necklace and a bold splash of color. Don’t be afraid to add leopard print and neutrals into the mix.

3. Cozy Up

fur vest

Fur vests have become popular fashion items and a basic wardrobe staple. Pair your tee with one, slightly flared jeans and booties. Finally, add a splash of color with a simple pendant necklace.

4. Rock It in Gold


Layer a white chiffon blouse under the tee and roll up the sleeves. Pair with a gold metallic skirt and black & gold heels. Add a chic element to it with a classy pendant necklace.

  • Silk off white chiffon blouse from Tibi
  • Gold metallic leather mini skirt from Gucci
  • Black heels with gold strap sandals from ASOS
  • Black and gold pendant from Bulgari

5. Sporty Chic


Wear a sporty look by pairing your tee with slim fit jeans, a knit scarf and sneakers. Finish the look by wearing your aviators.

Which look do you like the most? What other ways do you like styling your tee?

If you like these outfit ideas, be sure to check out my personal styling service!

7 Lessons I Learned About Style While Living Abroad

Having lived in 6 countries in the past 8 years, I have developed a knack for style influenced by where I was at the time. My fashion sense has oscillated over time, but at the moment my style is best described as eclectic chic, representing a mixture of my various international experiences. 
Here are the key fashion lessons I’ve learned so far, they will be useful to you when traveling abroad – Enjoy! ¬†
1. Browse local stores
Local stores (both chains and independent boutiques) have great finds that you would normally not find back home. Boutiques tend to have unique pieces that have not been mass-produced and therefore it’s unlikely you will run into someone wearing the same outfit. For example, I got a beautiful floral dress from a Chinese boutique that is admired by everyone wherever I go!

2. Set a budget 

Whenever you go shopping, set a budget before you leave home. Money tends to go fairly quickly, especially abroad. It may sound like a boring task but if you buy within your budget, you will avoid the post-buyers remorse that usually ruins that otherwise great shopping trip.

3. Fit is key
Fit is everything, especially as people’s general builds are different in each country. I was in Japan once and their coat sleeves run slightly shorter because of Japanese women’s arm length. I loved one of the coats¬†so I ended up buying it anyways and it looks great when I wear it with long-sleeved shirts!¬†
Have you ever found yourself sizing up or down because they don’t have your size? I must admit I’m guilty of this as well¬†but it’s best to avoid it. If you’re unsure how it fits, ask a¬†friend to take a photo¬†of you to see yourself objectively. Another good alternative is to get¬†those pieces you absolutely love slightly tailored. Bear in mind some items will be easier to tailor, i.e. hems but taking a blazer in, for example, will be slightly trickier.
4. Dress to impress…
… Yourself! Is your outfit too daring? Too boring? You can never please everyone so dress in what makes you feel amazing. Living abroad you most likely will have a different style than that of locals. Adopt what you like and mix it with your own sense of style. Living in Argentina, I used to wear my favorite LBD from London to go out in the evening. It is a¬†one shoulder dress with a fan-like detail on the other shoulder. Very Lady Gaga – but less¬†risk√©¬†(by about¬†10x!). I feel GREAT in it! I turned heads (in a good way) by being true to my sense of style.¬†
5. Don’t be afraid to experiment¬†
Fashion is like art, undefined. Don’t be afraid to use different patterns, materials and layers in one outfit. I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my inspirations mix leopard print with polka dots. Fashion rules are there to be broken!¬†
6. Style can be learned
Use celebrities, Instagram and¬†Pinterest for inspiration on style. Check out @alescloset on Instagram for inspiration on how to style your everyday favorites and buy gently worn clothes from all over the world. Alternatively, hire a personal stylist to help you re-vamp your wardrobe! Costly, you say? Check out¬†www.facebook.com/stylingbyale1¬†for an affordable personal stylist service. Style and creativity can be exercised every day – it’s never too late to start!
7. Fashion is fun!
All in all, fashion should be fun! Experiment, explore and be true to yourself! 
My next move is to New York City Рthe fashion capital of the world. Stay tuned! What fashion lessons have you learned so far?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Inspired Outfits

I was watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s the other day and absolutely love each and every outfit Audrey Hepburn wears. They are so chic and timeless. I decided to put together look-alike outfits for you to browse and shop. Check out the discounts for La Moda Viaggia readers at the end of the post. Enjoy!

1. Black dress with pearls
Breakfast-at-Tiffany-s-breakfast-at-tiffanys-2295320-1024-576    BAT Black Dress

– Dress from Etsy shop MichyLouDotCom. $169 (discount for La Moda Viaggia readers)
– Pearl necklace and earrings from Etsy shop AlexiBlackwellBridal. $115
– Long leather gloves from Leon Max. $98
– Vintage Wayfarer sunglasses from Etsy shop KinkyFlamingo. $76 (discount for La Moda Viaggia readers)

2. Orange coat with fur hat

orange-coat   orange coat style

– Orange coat from Karen Millen. $430
– Mink fur hat from Etsy shop BenoitEtNatalie. $69
– Black heels from New Look. $28
– Osma vintage sunglasses from Etsy shop KinkyFlamingo. $82 (discount for La Moda Viaggia readers)
– Quilted cross body bag by ASOS. $30

3. Black dress with wide brim hat

f730f8e8220718152eacf13fb06c835f   black

– Black dress with peplum hem from Givenchy. $889
– Black wide brim Audrey hat by Award Millinery Design. $128 (discount for La Moda Viaggia readers)
– Stones stud earrings by ASOS. $11
–¬†Black heels from¬†New Look. $28.

4. Sleep mask and ear plugs

breakfast_at_tiffanys3  mask

– Sleep mask and ear plugs/earrings set from Etsy shop talulahblue. $59

As a thank you to our readers, I have partnered with some great boutiques to offer you discounts!

–¬†KinkyFlamingo¬†– Free shipping for all sunglasses throughout February 2014 by mentioning coupon code LAMODA14
–¬†Award Millinery Design¬†– 10% off black wide brim Audrey hat until 31 March 2014. Originally $128
MichyLouDotCom – 15% off her store with coupon code FIFTEEN. You can get her black dress which is paired with the pearl necklace in the movie
BenoitEtNatalie – Message them with the coupon code TIFFANY for a 15% discount. You can get the mink fur hat and much more
AlexiBlackwellBridal – 10% off her store with coupon code LAMODAVIAGGIA10. You can get the statement pearl necklace