Best closed door restaurants in Argentina

Having lived two years in Argentina, dining out was definitely at the top of my list of guilty pleasures. Buenos Aires was the first city where I encountered the ever growing phenomenon of closed door restaurants. The concept typically consists of a dinner party with strangers and a fixed course menu. The setting is usually at the chef’s home, which makes the experience an intimate one. Here are my top recommendations for closed door restaurants in Argentina:

1. Casa Mun, Mendoza

One of my favorites, Casa Mun offers it’s guests Asian and Argentine fusion cuisine. Located in the popular wine region of Mendoza, the restaurant offers 40 seats with a splendid view of the vineyards in Bodega Casarena.

I initially went to this closed door restaurant when it recently opened in Buenos Aires, and have enjoyed seeing it grow in popularity over the last years. Chef Mun is a delight to dine with and the quality of ingredients and wine pairings he chooses are exquisite.


2. Casa Coupage, Buenos Aires

Located in the buzzling streets of the Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires, this small restaurant is easy to miss due to the lack of a visible sign in the entrance. Ran by it’s two owners Santiago and Ines, this small installment is cozy and provides high quality food.

I recommend getting the fixed menu with the wine pairings to make the best of this visit. The sommelier is highly knowledgeable and the service is spectacular.

image image

3. Aramburu, Buenos Aires

This tiny jewel in San Telmo is the only restaurant in Argentina that offers molecular cuisine. Recently, it was featured as one of the top 50 restaurants in Latin America and isn’t short of awards won.

Aramburu is a great restaurant to experience something new in dining. The small individual tables make this the perfect warm and exclusive setting for a date. I thoroughly enjoyed trying something new – Aramburu was the perfect place for that!

image image

4. Cocina Sunae, Buenos Aires

Chef Christina Sunae combines her experience from the Philippines and New York to bring to the table an authentic flavor from Southeast Asia. She serves this food from the comfort of her home in Colegiales, which is open from Wednesday to Saturday every week.

I loved dining at Cocina Sunae, especially when I craved spicy Asian food, which is sometimes difficult to find in Argentina. Her cozy environment makes it perfect to dine with a small group of friends.


5. Casa Felix, Buenos Aires

This Chacarita neighborhood restaurant in Buenos Aires opens up it’s doors a few months a year to offer it’s guests a pescetarian menu to a maximum of 15 diners at a time. The fixed menu offers the best of Latin American spices and ingredients in a 5 course meal that can include wine pairings.

Casa Felix was my first closed door restaurant dining experience. I found the ambience is ideal to get to know other people who have a passion for great food.

image image

So there you go! My top 5 closed door restaurants in Argentina. What is yours?


4 thoughts on “Best closed door restaurants in Argentina

  1. I enjoyed the experience at Casa Mun with you. I had no idea they had expanded! It’s awesome! Gotta make it back to Argentina to go to the other places!

  2. I’ve never had a closed door restaurant experience. Does that mean an invitation is required or an advanced reservation? I’m very big on travel and food and your post intrigued me.

    • It depends on which one you go to but most definitely an advanced reservation is required as there are limited spaces each evening. Closed door restaurants are really trendy now so you can easily find some in large cities. I love food and travel too so if there are any further recommendations I can give you, by all mean please ask! Thanks for stopping by

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